Sunday, 7 July 2013


I am on my holidays! We decided that the expense and faff of going abroad wasn't what we wanted this year. We always want to go somewhere with stuff to see and do, and feel like we haven't taken advantage of being anywhere unless we've 'done' all we can. So, to avoid that temptation and have a proper chill out of a break, we are in the UK.

And for once the weather is stunning! The weeks before we went had appalling weather, and I was really starting to regret our holiday decision, but here we are with all of the doors and windows open, glass of white wine in hand, watching cheesy 80s sci fi..

 This is the life! Hope UK readers are enjoying the fantastic weather!

Jen x

Sunday, 30 June 2013

So long, farewell .... to Google Reader

Bye bye Google Reader! If you currently keep up with my posts by Google Reader, this is just to remind you that tomorrow it is no more :(

But do not fear! For you can Follow Me By Email or by Bloglovin.

If you've still not found an alternative way to follow all your favourite blogs, two seem to be winning in terms of taking over Google Reader's business. I tried approximately a million readers when I realised that Google Reader just didn't work very well on the iPad and found a lot of them to be a bit rubbish. I now use Bloglovin for all my blog-reading needs, and despite the naff name, I am finding it does the job rather well. A lot of people also use Feedly and like it, though I've never really tried it.

So, there's no need to be sad. We will miss you, Google Reader, but we shall, in time, adjust.

Jen x

Friday, 28 June 2013

File under GEEK: Symphony of the Goddess

Last month the date of the Symphony of the Goddess finally came around. For those of you who aren't obsessed with The Legend of Zelda games, this is a symphony (in this case performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and Choir) of music from the games of that series. How can you make a classical symphony out of game music? Well, since the early 90's the Zelda music has been fantastic, resembling symphonies within the actual games later on.

The music was fantastic, and even without the games playing on the screen behind the orchestra, were so evocative of the games that I was absolutely captivated. Nowadays I get a bit anxious in large crowds and, despite a capacity of 3,600-odd, I didn't feel in the slightest bit stressed; the other concert goers were just lovely. I saw the biggest and best range of Zelda t-shirts I've ever seen in one place, and everyone was sniggering and emitting knowing laughter at the same bits of game footage. If you like the Zelda games, and it tours again, you will absolutely love it, I guarantee!

There were even people cos-playing (probably not something the Royal Philharmonic sees at their usual concerts!) but I was too shy to ask to take any pictures! There's something special about going to an event where you feel like you fit in, and like everyone is there with the same intention. I was in geek heaven!

What geeky events have you been to recently?

Jen x